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Why Your Law Firm Website Needs Responsive Design

Responsive website design for attorneys delivers the most consistent and cost-effective web experience for current clients, leads, and professional colleagues. Responsive web design also ensures law firms never have to worry about maintaining outdated sites and databases simply because upgrading to take advantage of new technologies and advanced web tools would require too much investment, risk, and potential downtime.

Legal EFX specializes in responsive design for law firm websites precisely because doing so allows us to provide all the follow benefits to the attorneys we serve.

  • One code to run them all—A responsive website uses a single code set to display a website optimally on screens of any size. This eliminates the need to create separate webpages for desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and wearable devices. It also ensures that every page of a website is browser-neutral. A law firm that relies on responsive website design will not need to advise visitors to use a specific browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Complete graphic and video content—Responsive web design also eliminates the old requirement to strip photos and videos out of webpages to get them to load on mobile devices. Coding for responsive websites automatically resizes, reorients, and compresses all graphic elements so they display optimally on even the smallest screen.
  • Quick loads and full functionality—Tools for getting photos and videos to load and stream without delay are improving each day. Responsive website design makes full use of each new piece of code.
  • Seamless integration—Programming languages and templates used for responsive website design—including HTML 5, Node.js, Drupal and WordPress—allow a law firm’s mobile applications and databases to work in conjunction with the main website without glitches and lags. This facilitates serving and communicating with clients in ways that would never be possible with legacy sites.
  • Ease of management and rapid expansion—The same programming and development tools that permit full integration of all online and digital resources also make it simple for law firm’s to request and receive new webpages, web tool upgrades, and repairs to faulty links and interfaces.
  • Communication and ecommerce options—As noted, responsive web design allows attorneys to make full use of interactive web features such as real-time chat and instantaneous client account management.
  • Quick path to return on investment—Without the need to pay for separate webpages for different devices and browsers, with the ability to rapidly adapt to evolutions in technology and changes in the marketplace, and with the administrative convenience of managing client interactions and billing online, responsive website design pays for itself very quickly.

The final reason attorneys must seek out a responsive website design partner like Legal EFX is captured by the usual meaning of “responsive.” Law firms need web designers and developers

  • Who respond to their requirements for online engagement and internet market,
  • Who respond to each phone call and email, and
  • Who respond to the moves made by their clients’ competitors.

When looking for a website development company, a law firm must find a partner who does responsive design in a responsive way.

The responsive website design team at Legal EFX serves law firms and attorney practices of all sizes. Use this online contact form to let us know how we can help you.

Image Credit: Creative Common via Flickr / Yagan Kiely