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Law Firm Digital Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Law Firm Digital Marketing Mistakes

Five problems common to law firm websites may be keeping visitors away from your online home in droves. Fortunately, fixing each with help from a dedicated web development partner requires little more than the desire to do so. If you load your firm’s homepage and spot any of the following issues, make your next call one to your Columbus digital marketing agency.


Problem 1. Emphasizing Keyword Quantity Over Content Quality


The keyword — key phrase, really — for this online article is “local internet marketing for attorneys.” Reading local Internet marketing for attorneys every sentence would make you very sick of seeing local Internet marketing for attorneys. Search engines, especially Google, also gag, enforcing a rule of “Thou shalt not make webpage readers sick of seeing your keywords.”


Focus on communicating clearly, writing well, and keeping things well focused. Work keywords and phrases into text naturally, and use video titles, picture captions and the meta text that search engines see but web surfers do not to maximize the appearance of searchable terms.


Problem 2. Lack of Responsive Design


More than 90 percent of webpage uploads go to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Law firm websites created as recently as 2015 are likely to be designed to display best on laptop screens. Revamping sites to make use of all the tools of responsive design frees them from computers, making a law firm’s content and contact information available to everyone everywhere at all times. A website that employs responsive design will have pages that resize and reformat automatically to look and work optimally on any screen, permit seamless integration of social media and ecommerce options, and permit quick updates while ensuring tight security.


Problem 3. No Video


Videos account for nearly 80 percent of web traffic. Part of this has to do with the ease of watching a video on a smartphone. It also reflects the entertainment and educational value of videos. People do not just prefer to watch instead of read, they often learn more from a well-produced video. Visuals and a script can come together to quickly and clearly explain even the most-recondite legal concepts and services. While written web content will always have its place and its benefits, any law firm looking to best attract and serve potential clients will post increasing numbers of videos.


Problem 4. Ignoring Data Analytics


A full-service legal website development contractor will offer data analysis. Smart lawyers sign up.


Much more than counting page clicks, data analytics allow firms to identify core audiences, identify areas for future growth, and constantly improve their content and presentation. Analyzing the flow of visitors from social media and online ads, in particular, pays dividends because this information focuses attorneys on how to spend their professional time and firm money most productively online.


Problem 5. Posting Prices


Posting attorney fees becomes a mistake when doing so scares away potential clients. A secondary concern exists in creating implied contracts, but focus on the first consideration. Disclosing a standard hourly rate can discourage a client of limited means from contacting you even though you might be willing to take their case for less and set up a payment plan, work on a contingency basis, or practice pro bono. Do not make yourself appear unavailable on account of seeming unaffordable.


Let the experienced web developers and digital marketing specialists with Legal EFX resolve problems with your website. Connect with us today.